How To Correctly Tag Videos On YouTube To Get More Views

If you want YouTube videos to rank well in the search results you need to optimize your tags with the right keywords. Properly optimized tags will get you get more views because your videos will appear in the search results as well as recommended and suggested videos.

Here’s how to correctly tag your YouTube
Videos so you can get more views:

Watch the video below

1. Place your main keyword at the beginning of your tags.
So if your main keyword was “dog training” enter it as your first tag. Your main keyword should also be included in the title and description because these are even more important than your tags.

2. Include secondary keyword phrases
These can be suggested keywords which you can find using YouTube’s auto suggestion feature. Just enter your main keyword in the search box and YouTube will show you suggested keyword phrases. Alternatively you can use ubersuggest to find related keyword phrases.

Place your most popular keywords at the beginning of
your tags followed by less popular keywords.

3. Use the chrome extension vidIQ to find tags
that you never thought of.

This extension will find the hidden keywords that your competitors are using for which you can add to your own tags.

4. Include your channel name.
If you add your channel name to your keyword tags then people will see
related videos from your channel on the right side of your video.

Keep these 3 important things in mind:

1. Don’t overthink the tagging of your videos
Even though tags will help your videos get found on YouTube and Google,
optimizing your title and description are even more important.

2. Watch time is the highest determining factor for your rankings.
Make sure you deliver great content in your videos so people
will want to watch the video all the way through.

3. Create an eye-catching thumbnail.
Create a custom thumbnail that grabs the attention of your viewers that are scanning the search results. They’ll be more inclined to click on your thumbnail if it stands out amongst all the other listings.

That’s it!
Now you know how to correctly tag your YouTube Videos
so you can get more views.

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