Effective Link Building Strategies – Top 7

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If you’re an online business owner you know that generating traffic to your website and converting that traffic into sales is the lifeblood of your business. One of the best ways of generating free traffic is getting high rankings in the search engines. In order to achieve high rankings you need lots of inbound links. The quantity, quality and relevance of these links are the main factors why search engines will rank one site ahead of another. Incorrect link building will lower your rankings and kill your traffic.

Recently many websites lost their search engine rankings after the Penguin Update because they didn’t acquire their links naturally. Webmasters who subscribed to automated link building software, link farms or received all their links from a single source lost their rankings resulting in lack of sales. Their website was no longer on the first page of Google.

Top 7 effective link building strategies

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What Is A Link Wheel and Should You Use It for Building Links?

link wheel
Link building is a necessity if you want to gain high rankings in the search engines and attract traffic to your website. The quality and quantity of links determines how well your website will rank. For instance if the number and quality of links is greater than your competitors you will outrank them.

What is a link wheel?

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Link Building Tip: Don’t just build links to your home page

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Most website owners spend their link building efforts on their home page because that’s what most visitors see first. This is a big mistake as often visitors also enter your site from other pages. If these pages don’t rank well you are leaving a lot of traffic on the table. You need to build links to all internal pages to multiply your traffic potential.

Importance of building links

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How to Use Articles for Link Building

link popularity

If you want to generate traffic to your website from the search engines you need optimize your web pages and build links to them. The more incoming links you get to those pages the higher your rankings will be. Many site owners fail to put a regular link building plan in place. They may have achieved good rankings initially with a a few incoming links however over time their rankings dropped (and so did their traffic) as competing websites outranked them.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to build links is through writing and publishing articles. The more articles you write and distribute over the Net the more links you’ll acquire.

7 ways to use articles for link building

1. Create unique content

Every person has their own unique style of writing that will appeal to a segment of readers. Ezine publishers and site owners are constantly looking for unique content to place in their ezines or on their websites. Submit your content to the top article directories to make it easy for publishers and site owners to find your articles. For example one article could potentially generate 100s of links to your website if it was used in an ezine of 10,000 subscribers or bookmarked by readers using bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon, digg, delicious, etc.

2. Include links in the article resource box

Most article directories allow 2 links in the resource box at the end of the article. One should be anchor text (hyperlinked text), the other your full website address. The anchor text should contain your main keyword as search engines give more weight to links that include keywords related to your site. The full URL should also be included in case someone copies and pastes your article (from the article directory) into their ezine or web page. The anchor text won’t appear but the full URL will remain intact.

3. Practice Internal linking

When publishing the article on your website or blog find related articles or blog posts (within your site) then link them to your article using the article title as your anchor text. The best internal links are ones contained within your content (where the surrounding content relates to the link) .

4. Make it easy for others to link to your article

Encourage your readers to refer your article to others by providing the html code (containing your link text) to place in their web pages. You also use javascript code to syndicate your articles. Include bookmarking icons at the end of your article for easy bookmarking.

5. Create an RSS feed

RSS (really simple syndication) allows your readers to easily be notified when a new article is added to your website. If your blog or website was built with WordPress software then it already has RSS built into it. Every time you add new content the software automatically alerts the search engines.

6. Optimize your content

Search engines spider and index your content based on keywords. Before writing each article research the keywords people use to find information on the Web. Make sure these keywords receive a good number of searches each month. Weave these keywords into the title, article body and resource box of each article. This increases the chances of your article receiving good rankings in the search engines.

7. Write guest articles

Blog owners are constantly looking for new content to maintain their visitor’s interest. Offer a to be a guest writer for a blog that compliments your own site and receives lots of traffic. This will generate powerful incoming links to your own website.

If you implement these link building strategies on a regular basis you’ll see your rankings and traffic steadily increase.

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Link Building Strategies for Bing

Link Building Strategies for Bing
Most webmasters focus exclusively on getting good rankings in Google because it’s what most people use when doing a search. By ignoring the other major search engines you lose the visitors that don’t use Google. Bing and Yahoo also attract a great number of people. Recently Bing improved it’s market share so it’s worthwhile pursuing link building strategies for this search engine.

Link Building Strategies for Bing

Be careful how you acquire links to your web site. If Bing detects a sudden massive increase in links it may trigger a spam filter and handicap your ranking potential. Don’t link to sites that are unrelated to your own. Bing rewards you for relevancy. For example if your site is about camping seek out blogs, forums, etc that relate to camping.

Here are some link building tips recommended by the Bing community

  • Develop your site as a business brand and be consistent about that branding in your content
  • Identify relevant industry experts, product reviewers, bloggers, and media people and let them know about your site and its content
  • Write and publish concise, informative press releases online as developments warrant

  • Publish expert articles to online article directories

  • Participate in relevant blogs and forums and refer back to your site’s content when applicable (Note that some blogs and forums add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to links created in user-generated content (UGC). While creating links to your content in these locations won’t automatically create backlinks for search engines, readers who click through and like what they find may create outbound links to your site, and those are good.)

  • Use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect to industry influencers to establish contacts, some of whom may connect back to you (be sure you have your profiles set up with links back to your website first)

  • Create an online newsletter on your site with e-mail subscription notifications

  • Launch a blog or interactive user forum on your site

  • Join and participate in relevant industry associations and especially in their online forums

  • Ultimately, strive to become a trusted expert voice for your industry and let people know that your website contains your published wit and wisdom

Link building for smart webmasters

Link building must be done consistently and frequently to be effective. Make a goal of acquiring new incoming links each week while constantly adding new content.

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Link Building – Top 7 viral marketing strategies

How to Use Articles for Link Building
Link building is a necessity if you want your web site to increase or maintain rankings in the search engines. Even though you may currently enjoy your first page rankings, don’t get too comfortable because competing web sites may have link building campaigns running. Suddenly you may lose your position.

Instead of looking for new links everyday use viral marketing. This means people link to your web site automatically without you manually searching for them all the time.

Top 7 viral marketing strategies:

1. Create valuable content

Web site owners and newsletter publishers are always looking for unique content that offers great value to their readers. If you create a well written article it will keep working for you over and over again. People will automatically want to link ot it. One great article can become a viral marketing machine.

2. Create short reports

Bundle several of your articles into a report of 10-25 pages. Be sure to include links to your products and/or web site. Offer the report to your newsletter subscribers and/or offer it to other publishers or website owners. Submit it to ebook directories. By freely distributing your report you you create a viral affect.

3. Build a team of affiliates

You’ve probably been an affiliate for a clickbank or commission junction product. You automatically help build links for the product owner by promoting their product. Why not do the same for your own products and create a team of affiliates. The number of links (and sales) will increase in proportion to the number of affiliates on your team.

4. Write a press release

Convert one of your well written articles to a press release then distribute it to free and paid press release sites. If you’re a local business send it to local radio and newspaper outlets. You not only get high value liinks from these sites but it helps generate traffic by people finding out about you.

6. Social media

Employing social media sites such as twitter, facebook, youtube and social bookmarking sites your content goes viral. Instead of spending time getting one link at a time you can generate 100s of links with social media.

7. Article directories

The top article directories receive millions of visitors every week. If you constantly write and submit fresh articles to them they will continue to generate backlinks for you. This occurs because you are allowed 2 links in the resource box at the end of your article. When your articles get published all over the Web you have a link building machine that works for you every day hands free.

Start your link building campaign today by using one or all of these techniques. You’ll attract more visitors and increase search engine rankings.

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How to Use Articles for Link Building

How to Use Articles for Link Building
Link building is a highly effective method for generating traffic to your web site or blog. A link from a high quality site will boost your search engine rankings. For example if CNN featured your business on their site you would receive a sudden boost in traffic. Getting back links from high traffic sites is not easy because most people don’t exchange links anymore.

Another method is to get lots of sites linking to yours. The more links you receive the better your rankings. This can be a very time consuming process.

Benefits of Articles for Link Building

Writing articles kills 2 birds with one stone. You get high quality links from article directories plus the more articles you write and submit the more links you generate. The top article directories receive millions of visitors every week so you will receive some of those visitors. Ezine publishers or site owners may select your article for their ezine or add it to their web page thus multiplying your link power.

How to Use Articles for Link Building

  • Choose a niche you’re passionate about.
  • Create a list of keywords on your niche topic
  • Write a 400-500 word article for each keyword.
  • Weave the keyword into your title, introductory paragraph, article body and resource box.
  • The 2 links in the resource box should include anchor text using the keyword plus your full web site address.
  • Submit your article(s) to the top article directories.

Repurpose your articles to build more links

Create a short report

If you write a series of articles, create a short report by bundling them together. Submit your report to ebook directories. Offer it for free to other site owners and ezine publishers. The links within your report will spread virally throughout the net.

Publish it to your blog or web site

Continually adding content to your blog or web site causes search engines to spider it. It also increases the stickiness of your site for visitors. They’ll want to link to your articles.

Be a guest blogger
Search for bloggers in your niche and offer exclusive rights to your article. If it’s a very popular blog you’ll get lots of links and traffic from people reading your article and finding your site from the link in your resource box.

Publish to social media sites

Add your article to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, etc. By varying the locations you receive links from, assures search engines you’re not spamming them by generating links from one source.

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