What Is A Link Wheel and Should You Use It for Building Links?

link wheel
Link building is a necessity if you want to gain high rankings in the search engines and attract traffic to your website. The quality and quantity of links determines how well your website will rank. For instance if the number and quality of links is greater than your competitors you will outrank them.

What is a link wheel?

This refers to submitting content to a number of Web 2.0 sites that are linked to each other and also point to your money site so you create a wheel and spoke effect. The purpose of a link wheel is to obtain multiple links from different web properties to boost your rankings.

Do link wheels work?

You might get short term results however you run the risk that Google may penalize your site if it believes or detects you created a link scheme using this technique. Google warns webmasters about link schemes in this article. You need to ask yourself if want to put your business at risk by using this link building method.

How to create natural links that Google loves

The best way to generate natural backlinks is with content marketing where you create valuable content then publish it on various web properties. Here are some ways to utilize your content to attract natural backlinks:

  • Post content on your own blog
  • Guest blog post
  • Forum or blog commenting
  • Submit content to top article directories
  • Publish in newsletters or ezines
  • Create a short report to offer as a free download
  • Create an e-course (autoresponder follow-up messages)

Instead of creating a link wheel the links from these sites point directly back to your main website thus boosting it’s rankings and generating more traffic.

How to re-purpose your content for more backlinks

Not all people prefer to read your content. Some prefer to watch and listen rather than read boring text. Also many folks prefer to consume their content while on the go using their Smart Phones, Tablets and E-readers (Kindle). If you cater to their wishes you’ll extend the reach of your audience and attract more natural backlinks.

Here are 4 ways to re-purpose your content

Video marketing
Create a video from your article and submit it to YouTube and other video sharing websites. Make sure you include your URL in the YouTube description meta tag several times. This will give you a high quality backlink.

Audio marketing
Convert your article into a podcast and submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes to make it easy for your target market to find them.

Ebook marketing
Bundle several of your articles together to create an ebook then submit it to ebook directories and/or offer it as a free download. If you place links to your website and products within the content you’ll receive new backlinks everytime someone downloads the ebook.

Kindle marketing
Create a kindle version of your ebook and publish it on Amazon.com so visitors can easily download it to their Kindle devices. Be sure to include a link in the description of your ebook so you receive a quality backlink. Amazon books often appear in the search engine results pages so make sure you create a keyword enhanced title.

If you follow the above methods your content will be exposed to a wider audience than just using one method of distribution.

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    This is probably my favorite article you’ve written so far. As a website builder I am always struggling with how to build backlinks correctly without getting punished by Google, but like instead.

    My site is in a very narrow niche. I’d like to create a video for YouTube as you suggest but I am having trouble thinking of content. What type of content would you suggest for a video in the Laundromat business space?

    My thoughts are: slides (PowerPoint), maybe a voice over. Sadly I’m at a loss for a good video idea for the laundry industry. Any suggestions?

    • Laundromat…glad you found my article helpful. Create a list of topics that begin with: How to, Discover, 7 tips, Top 3 mistakes, etc
      For example top 3 mistakes people make when operating a Laundromat business. Visit Fiver.com to get someone to create a video for $5.00.

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