How A New Website Can Compete With An Established Website

An established website has a distinct competitive advantage over a new website because of the age of the domain, the amount of time it’s had to attract a variety of backlinks plus develop lots of unique content. Google rewards websites that have been around for a long period of time.

On the other hand a new website with a newly registered domain has little or no traffic because it hasn’t had time to build backlinks and therefore doesn’t rank well in Google.

So what strategy should a new website owner use to compete with established sites?

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Top 7 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

long tail lizard
Many online marketers make the mistake of selecting general keywords to market their website which results in wasting a lot of time and money. For instance attaining top search engine rankings in the organic search results (those listed on the left side) for a general keyword is almost impossible if you’re in a competitive niche. Using general keywords in a pay-per-click campaign may result in generating a ton of clicks from all over the world but it’s not going to generate many local clients and sales because you’re spreading your net too wide.

What are long tail keywords?

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Keyword Research 101 – Where to Begin?

Why is Keyword Research so important?
How do you find the right keywords?
Which keyword research tool is best?

Without understanding the importance of keyword research your online business will not be successful. For instance when I started marketing my web design business by writing articles and submitting them to online publications I wondered why I wasn’t receiving much traffic. Only when I began weaving keywords into my content that people were searching on did my traffic increase.

Understanding the importance of keywords

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