Top 7 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

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Many online marketers make the mistake of selecting general keywords to market their website which results in wasting a lot of time and money. For instance attaining top search engine rankings in the organic search results (those listed on the left side) for a general keyword is almost impossible if you’re in a competitive niche. Using general keywords in a pay-per-click campaign may result in generating a ton of clicks from all over the world but it’s not going to generate many local clients and sales because you’re spreading your net too wide.

What are long tail keywords?

These are keyword phrases containing 2 more keywords. So instead of using a general keyword such as “web design” a long tail keyword phrase would be “web design in Maryland” This is a more targeted phrase particularly if you are promoting a local service-based business.

Top 7 benefits of long tail keywords

1. Generate lots of high quality traffic
Even though a long tail keyword will generate less traffic than a general keyword the sum of your long tail keyword phrases will generate more traffic. Because these types of phrases are highly targeted they will generate high quality traffic ie people searching for specific information.

2. Contain less competition
It’s easier to gain high rankings for a specific keyword phrase if there are less competitors. For example if you’re a roofer in small town USA and you just target your local area you’ll get more local leads than if you targeted the whole country.

3. Gain multiple top rankings
If you have little or no competition for specific keyword phrases you have a higher potential to gain multiple top rankings in your niche. Even though each keyword phrase may only attract a trickle of traffic, hundreds of them will create a river of visitors to your website.

Watch the video: What Are Long Tail Keywords?

4. Generate lots of content ideas
Finding hundreds of long tail keywords from your research will spark lots of new topics to write about for your blog or website. For instance if you find 1000 keyword phrases you’ll be able to write 1000 unique articles.

5. Become an authority in your niche
Your website can become the “go-to” resource in your niche if you create web pages that target all the long tail keyword phrases related to your subject. This will result in attracting lots of traffic and generating more sales.

6. Write better web copy
When your web copy is enticing to read it will capture the attention of your visitors. Including several long tail keyword phrases in your content will enable you to write more descriptive copy than just using general keywords.

7. Higher conversions
Even though long-tail searchers convert better, it’s also true that long-tail optimized copy results in better conversions.

Now that you know what long tail keywords are and how they can benefit your business start including them in your web copy so you can generate multiple streams of traffic.

The keyword tool I personally use and recommend to find long tail keywords is:
Market Samurai (paid and free trial)

Market Samurai

Watch the Video Below to see
How Market Samurai Easily Finds Long Tail Keywords

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