Video Marketing – Research the Best Keywords Using the Google AdWords Tool – Part 2

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3. Download your keyword results

You can download your keyword results into an excel spreadsheet. This makes it easier to sort the keywords you want to use plus you can refer back to this file when conducting future keyword research.

4. Add the keywords to your video

Add your targeted keywords to the title, description and tags of your video. Make sure you include your web site URL at the beginning of your description. Use the full URL ( so it will be a live link.

5. Provide a call to action

The purpose of your video is to direct visitors to your web site where they purchase a product, service or subscribe to your opt-in page. Include your call to action at the end of the video that also displays your web site address.

6. Embed the video in your web page.

YouTube provides the code for you to display your video on a web page. Write an article on the same
topic as your video and include the video in the text. This will attract visitors to your video because many of them prefer to watch rather than read the content. Use the keywords in your article to attract search engine spiders to it.

7. Repeat your keyword research

Whenever you create a video on a new topic or a different keyword repeat the steps above. The popularity of your keywords may also change from month to month. Even if you already have completed the research for a specific keyword last month do it again next month. This will help you to keep up with search engines changes and stay ahead of your competition.

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