How To Upload Your Transcript To YouTube And Boost Your Rankings

Did you know that Google indexes your YouTube video by
listening to what you say in the video?

If you upload a transcript of your video content it will not only boost your rankings but it will generate captions under your video so people who can’t hear or understand what you’re saying in the video can simply read the captions.

Here’s how to correctly upload your video transcript to YouTube:

Watch the video below

Open up a text edit file on your MAC or a notepad file on your PC.
Transcribe your video content.
Here’s my text edit file with the transcribed content.
Make sure you save it as a .txt file.
So to do this with text edit – go to format – make plain text – convert this document to plain text
Click “ok”
Click “save”
Give it a title that includes your keywords.
Click “save”
Log into your YouTube channel
Go to your channel home page
Click video manager
Select the video that you wish to add a transcription to.
Click “edit”
Click “subtitles and cc”.
Click “add new subtitles or cc”
Click English.
Click “upload a file”
Choose file.
Select the transcript. (Here it is “how to get 10000 subscribers on YouTube”)
Click “choose”
Click “Upload”
Click “Set Timings”
Now you have to wait a few minutes for it to process.
When the white line has reached the end of the video you’ll know it has finished processing.
Click “English setting timings”
You will see your transcription on the left.
Click “publish”
And it will say” subtitles published”
You’ll see 2 green marks…”English automatic and “English”
Check your subtitles. To do this click on cc.
Play the video.

Now people who can’t hear or understand what you’re saying in the video
will be able to read the captions at the bottom of your video.

That’s it!
Now you know how to correctly upload a transcript
of your YouTube video.

Download my video upload checklist at:
You’ll learn the 10 things that you need to do before going live with your video on YouTube.

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