7 Ways Autoresponders Build Your Business

For the last 10 years I’ve not used autoresponders to help build my business. I’ve often received a series of autoresponder messages after filling in an opt-in form, or from purchasing a product. I’ve listened to teleseminars, bought ebooks and watched videos but never decided to purchase autoresponder software. Maybe you were or are still in the same boat.

ways autoresponders build your business

My 3 main reasons for not using autoresponders included:

  • Didn’t want to pay a monthly fee
  • Couldn’t see how it would benefit my business
  • Too busy to write a series of email messages

So what finally prompted me to take the plunge?

7 Ways Autoresponders Build Your Business

1. Lifetime value of customer

I realized I was leaving a lot of money on the table trying to get visitors to purchase my products and services right away. I thought “only those who are interested will buy my product.” If someone didn’t buy I’d lose them forever because I had no way of contacting them. If they had opted in to my email list I could stay in touch with them forever (as long as they remained on my list). I could then send them valuable information (ie free reports, articles, software, etc) and recommend products that would help build their business.

I made the mistake of not thinking about the lifetime value of my customers. Instead of them purchasing one product or not buying at all, they may purchase several products over their lifetime.

Here are 6 other ways autoresponders will build your business

2. Automated email delivery

Instead of manually writing each email then sending it out using your email client, autoresponder software will automatically send it every few days. This means you could be on vacation while your series of emails are running your business.

3. Build your list automatically

Building a large list of contacts is crucial to building your business as you can continually introduce them to new products or services you develop. You simply place an opt-in form on all your web pages and/or send them to a landing page. Once they opt-in the contacts are automatically stored in a database. All of this is done hands free allowing you time to work on other aspects of your business. The software enables you to send a message to 1000s of contacts at the same time within a few minutes.

4. Create an e-course

An e-course is a series of emails sent out sequentially that offers a new lesson or class. For example you can send a new lesson every week for 12 weeks and it’s all automated.

5. Schedule newsletter delivery

Instead of manually sending out a newsletter every couple of weeks, create several of them ahead of time then schedule them to be delivered automatically to your subscribers every 2 weeks.

6. Create multiple lists automatically

Not all your subscribers will be interested in every product. Instead create different lists based on the interest of your subscribers. For example a customer who purchased an ebook on traffic generation may not be interested in website design. So you’ll have 2 lists. Over time you’ll build multiple lists. Customers who have never purchased something from you before may buy from you later because they’ve got to know, like and trust you.

7. Automated video course delivery

Videos captivate the attention of your audience through site and sound. Autoresponders enable you to send out a new video automatically every few days. This allows you make sales automatically leaving you free to develop more products.

If you’ve been considering using autoresponders but haven’t acted upon it take the free test drive by filling out the form below. It will pay for itself by saving you time, money and hassles.

Leave your comments below if there are other ways you’re currrently using autoresponders to build your business.

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