How to Test Your Niche

How to Test Your Niche

So you’ve found a niche you’re excited about but have no idea if it will be profitable. The beauty of online marketing is that you can easily test things to see what works before investing large amounts of time and money. This is what large corporations do before they roll out a product. The same goes for advertisers. They track different ads to see which one works best before rolling out a whole advertising campaign.

If you’re a small business owner you can’t afford to invest lots of time and money into a product that won’t be profitable therefore it’s even more important for you to test it.

How to test your niche

1. Keyword research

Use the free WordTracker Tool or Google’s keyword research tool to see how many searches your niche keyword receives every month. This will give you idea of the demand. If your keyword only receives a few searches per month look for alternative or related keywords or choose another niche.

2. Google suggests

“As you type, Google Suggest returns search queries based on other users’ search activities. These searches are algorithmically determined based on a number of purely objective factors (including popularity of search terms) without human intervention. All of the queries shown in Suggest have been typed previously by other Google users. ”

Quoted from Google Suggest Features

This helps you to find terms related to your niche that you didn’t think of.

3. Google wonder wheel

When entering a search in Google you also have the option to view related searches visually with the “wonder wheel” To access it simply look on the left side under “related searches” and you’ll see the wonder wheel link. It will help stimulate new ideas.

4. Google alerts and blog search

Do a blog search on Google to find related blogs. Sign up for Google alerts to be notified of new blog posts, press releases and news in your niche.

5. Social media

Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn then engage in conversations and ask lots of questions that reveal what people are searching for in your niche. Use these social media sites to survey your visitors.

6. Discussions

Google also displays a discussion’s link in the left navigation menu. Clicking on this link will give you a list of discussion forums where you ask questions on conduct a poll related to your niche.

7. Questions to ask

Ask people in your niche what are their greatest fears, frustrations and desires. For example if my niche is online marketing I would ask:

  • What is your largest frustration with online marketing?
  • What have you tried so far that hasn’t worked for you?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • If you could ask one question what would it be?
  • What product would you be interested in purchasing related to online marketing?
  • How much would you be willing to spend?

8. Online surveys

There are free online tools to create online surveys. Use or create a free blog at and ask visitors to answer your questions by leaving comments.

9. Teleclass

Invite interested visitors to a free teleclass to see how many people show up. This will give you a good indication if people are interested in your niche. You can do free conference calls at It even enables you to record your conference.

10. Live consultations

After you’ve taken your online surveys and teleclasses offer a free 15 minute consultation. This enables you to quickly and easily uncover the fears, frustrations and desires of a person interested in your niche. Make sure you ask lots of questions. Often you’ll discover sub niches you never even thought of.

Product creation

Only begin creating your product after you’ve conducted the research mentioned above. This will prevent you from making a lot of mistakes later and help build a profitable online business.

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