How to Update Website Content

Content that is not frequently updated tends to go stale. You will not only lose your visitors but lose your site’s position in the search engines. Search engines index pages more frequently when new content has been added.

Where to get fresh content ideas for your website

Website statistics

Look at the site statistics included in your web hosting plan (ie AW Stats) or Google Analytics if you have the code installed on your web pages. The stats will show you what keywords people are entering in the search engines to find your site. Write a blog post or article targeting these specific keywords.

Keyword research tools

Use Google’s free keyword research tool to find keywords related to your main keyword phrase. It will show you how many people are searching on those keywords each month. Create content around these keywords to attract visitors to your site.

Google alerts

Set up a Google alerts account for your niche. You’ll receive a daily email every time someone posts new content to their blog or website. This will help stimulate new ideas to write about.

Participate in forum and blog conversations

Subscribe to a few of the main blogs and forums in your niche by leaving comments, asking questions and offering advice. Answer questions by writing an article, publish it on your website the invite people to check it out.

Interact on social media sites

Use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to announce new content, interact with your audience and build a community around your niche.

Tools to update your website content

Adobe Contribute

If you have a static website and don’t know or want to learn html use Adobe Contribute. It allows you to easily update your web pages as long as you have the software and an internet connection. If you know how to use MS Word you will be able to use Contribute.

Content Management System (CMS)

Most websites these days are database driven. Examples include WordPress and Joomla which enable you to easily update the content from a backend administration panel. All the content is stored in a database which is separate from the design. This means you can add unlimited pages.

How often should you update your content?

If you have a blog make a plan to add a new post at least three times a week. It doesn’t have to be a long article. Write about the latest news in your niche, a product review or a case study. Every 2 weeks I update my main website with a newsletter, RSS feeds and links to new articles posted on my business blog.

If you want to attract and retain website visitors and boost your rankings, create a plan to frequently and consistently update your website content.

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