Top 10 Keyword Research Mistakes To Avoid

keyword research

The beauty of keyword research is that you can easily find keywords or keyword phrases people enter into the search engines by using a keyword research tool such as the Google AdWords Tool, WordTracker or Market Samurai. If a particular keyword receives thousands of searches per month it has the potential to generate lots of traffic to your website if it gains high rankings in the search engines.

The problem is many marketers continue to make obvious mistakes when it comes to keyword research resulting in much frustration and ineffective results. By avoiding the 10 keyword research mistakes below you’ll get faster and more accurate results.

Top 10 Keyword Research Mistakes To Avoid

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5 Disadvantages For Using The Google Keyword Research Tool

google keyword tool

Many online marketers exclusively use Google’s free keyword research tool to do their online keyword research falsely believing it will provide accurate enough results to invest their time and money into using it. For instance they’ll enter a keyword into the search box, press submit and receive hundreds of related keywords or keyword phrases showing how many searches each keyword receives for that month. They’ll then use these keywords in their content hoping the web page will eventually get them ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines. The problem is…it doesn’t always work out that way because the results can be grossly inaccurate.

5 Disadvantages for Using the Google Keyword Research Tool

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How A New Website Can Compete With An Established Website

An established website has a distinct competitive advantage over a new website because of the age of the domain, the amount of time it’s had to attract a variety of backlinks plus develop lots of unique content. Google rewards websites that have been around for a long period of time.

On the other hand a new website with a newly registered domain has little or no traffic because it hasn’t had time to build backlinks and therefore doesn’t rank well in Google.

So what strategy should a new website owner use to compete with established sites?

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Top 7 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

long tail lizard
Many online marketers make the mistake of selecting general keywords to market their website which results in wasting a lot of time and money. For instance attaining top search engine rankings in the organic search results (those listed on the left side) for a general keyword is almost impossible if you’re in a competitive niche. Using general keywords in a pay-per-click campaign may result in generating a ton of clicks from all over the world but it’s not going to generate many local clients and sales because you’re spreading your net too wide.

What are long tail keywords?

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SEO vs PPC – Which Method Generates The Most Profits


Whether you’ve just completed the design/redesign of your website or already have an established site you need to drive traffic to it to make it successful. A website with no traffic is like erecting a billboard in the middle of the desert where no one will see it.

The 2 major methods of getting visitors to view your web pages is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

What is SEO?

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Keyword Research 101 – Where to Begin?

Why is Keyword Research so important?
How do you find the right keywords?
Which keyword research tool is best?

Without understanding the importance of keyword research your online business will not be successful. For instance when I started marketing my web design business by writing articles and submitting them to online publications I wondered why I wasn’t receiving much traffic. Only when I began weaving keywords into my content that people were searching on did my traffic increase.

Understanding the importance of keywords

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SEO 101 – How To Begin A Search Engine Optimization Campaign

SEO 101
Search engine optimization or SEO as it’s often called by savvy marketers is the science of optimizing your website so it appeals to both the search engines and visitors. Websites that are indexed and ranked by search engine spiders attract visitors. A well-optimized site will convert visitors into buyers and/or subscribers. Some folks think that SEO is all about trying to outsmart Google to gain first page rankings however that is far from the truth. The main purpose of SEO is to appeal to your visitors so they will keep returning.

There are many moving parts to SEO and one has to always keep up with the latest updates to stay current, however their are some basic components that form the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. Most savvy marketers may already be familiar with these components however it’s worth repeating them here for those that wish to begin SEO.

Here are the 7 major components of a successful SEO campaign:

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Local SEO Ranking Factors – Top 7


Traffic is the lifeblood of your business so if you gain high rankings in the major search engines for your local business you’ll attract a continuous stream of visitors to your website that generates sales and leads. The ranking factors for local search engine optimization (SEO) differs to the ones needed for nationwide or worldwide SEO.

Top 7 Local SEO ranking factors you need to know.

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How To Use Rel Author for Higher More Visible Search Engine Rankings

In my previous article I talked about How to Get Visitors To Discover Your Great Content In Google Using the Rel=Author Tag and the top 7 benefits of implementing it. One of the greatest benefits of the Rel=Author Tag is that it not only helps your content get ranked in Google’s search engine result pages but it also get’s highlighted because your profile photo is included beside it. This makes your content stand out resulting in attracting more traffic and generating more sales.

Here’s a screenshot of how your content will appear in Google based on a Google Search


How to implement rel=author tag on your website for single authors

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Search Engine Ranking Factors – Top 10

Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

One of the best ways to generate free traffic to your website is to gain high search engine rankings for specific keywords related to your site. This is easier said than done because it takes time to achieve high rankings particularly if you’re in a competitive niche plus the search engines constantly change their ranking formulas. Ranking strategies used previously to increase your site’s rankings may no longer work.

Why do search engines constantly change their ranking formulas?

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